Guadalupe Reyes

For the main plot we had to De-Age the actors for a long speaking shot. After trying different methods for fast facial replacement we ended up using a combination of 2D and 3D tracking (Nothing as fancy as AAA productions)


For several shots they needed it to be raining, yet they were no able to film rain on location, so i had to track and simulate it as photo-realistically as possible. It ended up being a mash of over 3 simultaneous simulations for each shot, and the cameras were tracked properly on 3d to allow… Continue reading Nomadas

Aqui en la tierra

For the second season I had to make the scenes in where they shot and kill a horse that fell on a hole in where they illegally drill for oil and gas to resell, the horse needed to have one of his legs broken from the fall and some shots to his face.


What started as supervising, consulting and being the bridge between producer/director and the studio in charge of the effects, became of me getting in charge of almost the whole post production when the studio no longer wanted to stay in the project. There were roughly +140 shots that required VFX’s, it was a monumental task… Continue reading Belzebuth


I was asked to help on the production of this short film, even after joining late on the project I was able to help on several things, from fixing pipeline issues, to simulating clothes and hair on the characters.