Robe of Gems


For this indie movie I did all the VFX, another studio was going to do them originally and they supervised, but they backed out in the end, the supervision was not good enough, but surprisingly enough, the effects I did ended up being almost undistinguishable, which I guess is a really good thing, in words of some of the Berlinale Jury and audience:

…we didn’t even know it had VFX…

The challenge was that all of the shots were really long, some of them were over a minute long; there were clouds, smoke, fire, background replacement, even facial replacement!

The movie won the Jury award on the 2022 Berlinale
Facial replacement, lots of children looking at the camera, one of them even blatantly
Merging 2 different shots with a lot of things moving due to heavy winds
Camera stabilization + Total BG replacement + Character adjustment
Camera tracking with no tracking points + BG replacement + Snow simulation
Sky replacement + Art directed Clouds simulation
Dust simulation
Fire enhancement + Fire simulation
Character tracking + Fire simulation