About Me

Artist / Engineer

Born in Mexico in ’89, a Technician / Engineer in control and automation systems with a passion for arts, finds himself with an opportunity to narrow the gap doing visual effects.

Ariel Winner for Best VFX

Over 10 years of experience

Knowledge is my favorite meal

I’ve worked in some of the biggest 3D and Animation studios in Mexico, as a generalist, technical director, supervisor, etc.

And because I had so many clients in so many different environments, you’ll get all that experience in an easy to understand package.

Consulting / Teaching

Having problems? Call me

Let’s face it – no pipeline is perfect, not every artist know their way on every process, no producer knows how to tackle an entire project, but I try to help with all of that.

I’ve given conferences all over the country, also in SIGGRAPH, Pixar and Autodesk.