“At some point we required a TD (with every skill, from tool coding, problem solving, dynamics and physics, and an ample understanding of the whole pipeline process in an animation studio), many told us that we searched for not one but many people or a CG Superman; in that search came Othon and fully complied every single checkbox in the most effortless way possible, the rest is history.”

Enrique Sanchez – CEO at Quix / Metacube

“He doesn’t know how to swear, but makes up for it with his excellent work in every possible area, from concept art to compositing.”

Emilio Acosta – Modeler

“Someone very dedicated and committed with the tasks assigned. I could see that he is a person that really loves what he does and projects it on his work.”

Hilda Martinez – MoGraph Designer

“Somebody who knows a lot, seeks perfection, who is passionate about what he does, who finds solutions and if there aren’t any he creates them. A pleasure to work with.”

Jorge Nava – CEO / Reevon Studios

“He is a ‘One man army’. A walking animation studio. Excellent creative, idea impulsor and always has a solution to every problem and I repeat ALWAYS.”

Bruno Zarate – Animator / Freelance

“Every project I have worked with Othon had a lot of creativity, quality and technique, just as effort and tenacity to solve them, he is practically a genius, I remember I was struggling with something, he comes and makes a plug-in for Nuke in a matter of seconds.”

Mario Ponton – Compositor / MPC

“As a coworker and a friend, I have seen him both involved and lead CG & Development projects, showing a complete vision of the project, its reach and difficulties, he lessens the latter with a good planning, work flows and good use of the software.”

Fidel Moreno – Technical Guru

“I had Othon as a teacher on ‘Dynamic Simulations’, during the whole course he was involved at 100%, he solved every doubt and question in and out of the classroom. He excelled for his ample knowledge in the topic and beyond. He is a very professional and dedicated person, without a doubt I would take more classes with him.”

Kyra Zelanda – Compositing & 3D

“Othon is a complete warrior, committed and with all kinds of solutions to any scale, comes and goes very recommended.”

Juan Garcia – CEO at Robot

“The key of happiness in a production is to have people like Othon, who always finds a solution to every single problem.”

Santiago Arellano – Storyboard Supervisor / Huevocartoon

“One of those people that finds the way to deliver and deliver tremendously well! If you can trust someone trust Othon.”

Francisco Resendiz – Comic Illustrator

“Working with Othon was a really good experience, he doesn’t only like to teach but is also very professional and an excellent artist, also i must add he is a great person and one of the best partners i had.”

Gerardo Mendoza – Lead Previs Artist / ON Animation Montreal

“Besides being a Professional, in all mayor areas of VFX’s for films. Working with Othon, is a pleasure because of his sense of humor and humble character.

His great technical knowledge, sense of organization and his constant pursuit for esthetics is only compared with his honesty, straightforwardness and honor which are refrained when he gets involved into ambitious projects that want to go beyond the limits.

And last but not least, if you ever have the opportunity to work with Mr. Reynoso, not only will you take the best of a true artist of his time, but you will win a remarkable friend, which is even more valuable in this hard quest of making films.”

Emilio Portes – Film Director and Writer

“A work tank with the enthusiasm for learning and solving full problems every day, a great team player.”

Grej Alva – Academic Coordinator / ESCENA

“Othon is a very talented worker, with a great facility to solve technical problems and a great artistic eye, an excellent artist.”

Eduardo Aguirre – VFX Guru / Metacube Technology & Entertainment